Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's With Wind Power?

With all the talk about our dependence on foreign oil, fossil fuels, and global warming, I started digging around to learn more about Wind Power to produce electricity. It turns out that wind power is becoming more popular. As of last year, nations around the world generated almost a hundred gigawatts of energy, which is quite a bit, but is still only 1% of world wide electricity use. The US is far behind other nations in this area. For example, in some European countries wind power reperesents as much as 9% of the energy prouction. In Denmark, wind isalmost 205 of their energy. It is becoming more prevalent for sure in recent years, but the greatest opportunity is to get big nations who consume the most to generate more wind power. Countries like the USA, China, India and Russia need to do more.

Advantages of Wind Power:
Let's face it, there is plenty of wind t obe had. It is considered "green" because it does not negatively impact the Earth and its very clean to the atmosphere. Any amount of energy we produce from wind helps to reduce the amount of energy generated from oil, for example.

Disadvantages of Wind Power:
Its tough to predict wind, it may not coincide with the peak demand of energy, and it can be intermittent. But surely we can use wind as an offset.
Royal Wind Power?
I recently read that the Queen of England just purchased the largest wind turbines for a Brittania project. It is great to see a high profile focus on Wind Power.

I did a quick search on the web about wind power, and a few blogs I read where there have been mentions of wind power. Feel free to check these out:

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